About Us

The Scarborough York Region Chinese Business Association was established in 1982 following the tremendous growth of Chinese population – “new immigrants” came to Scarborough, flowing to Markham, Richmond Hill and other cities in York Region. It is therefore essential that there be an alliance of Chinese businesses, a united voice that can create attention. During these years, we have shared the good times and the bad times with our members consisting of entrepreneurs, small business people and professionals from a large number of fields who operate or work in these regions. We act as a liaison between our members and the three levels of government on matters of business as well as community affairs by collecting opinions on government measures, policies, either enacted or to be enacted, through surveys, seminars, and relayed to the responsible government offices. Our voice supported by our members, has become loud and clear. The educational or informative functions that we organized have helped members to benefit through more understanding and better planning for their business. Donations made by our Association have helped to establish scholarship foundation with the University of Toronto which benefits university students in the many years to come. We have accomplished a lot in the past and we will continue to strive for better.

Board of Directors 2016-2018

Past Presidents